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LPG Emissions

CO2 is the main greenhouse gas emitted by modern vehicles and is a direct result of burning hydrocarbon fuels (e.g. petrol, diesel, LPG, natural gas). LPG has a carbon/hydrogen ratio that is significantly lower than petrol, as such less carbon is consumed and therefore less CO2 is produced when burning LPG compared to petrol.

Emissions certification for LPG systems

All LPG systems that are sold to be fitted to a vehicle that was manufactured after 1994 requires the system to be certified to meet certain emission standards. There are two tests that can be used for certifying LPG systems in Australia

ADR79 Type 1 test.

This is the same test that is done be the vehicle manufacturers to certify their vehicle. As such any results from this testing can be used to compare to results from them.

IM240 test

This is a simplified test that is often used to test in-use vehicle emissions and has been applied to LPG vehicle certification also. As this is different to the original vehicle manufacturer's testing results from the IM240 testing cannot be compared to the ADR79 type 1 test.